Reduced Financial Reconciliation Cycle Time
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Optimized Inventory
  • Utilized the DMAIC problem solving methodology to drive improvements

  • Analyzed data that showed $18.5M in excess inventory

  • Established Just-in-Time inventory processes with key vendors

  • Set inventory thresholds for auto-placement of orders

  • Results

    • Reduced inventory from $20M to $1.5M in four months​

    • Increased inventory count accuracy with decreased inventory

  • Captured Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) data to understand the concerns of customers

  • Conducted focus groups of team members and staff

  • Analyzed the VOC data to identify root causes of low satisfaction

  • Implemented processes to drive improvement in customer-agent interaction

  • Results

    • Dramatically improved customer satisfaction from 77% to 92%

    • Won the Microsoft Vendor Quality Award

  • Utilized RAPID methodology for a reconciliation process that took over four weeks

  • Cross-functional team mapped existing processes, conducted root cause analysis, and identified areas to improve

  • Discovered a flaw in database that generated 24,000 lines of errors 

  • Results

    • Hard savings of $1.2M

    • Reconciliation reduced from 4 weeks to less than 1 week

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